Relationship Therapy- The Best Solution For Resolving Couples’ Issues

The majority of the couples face problems in their relationship and most of them try their best to fix the issues. But the bad thing is that often the things they try to fix, get worse with their efforts. It does not mean that the conflicts can not be fixed and changed to what both the partners want; instead, it depicts that they need to be dealt with in a different way.

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Usually, both the partners try to fix the issues by relating them to their own needs, patterns, expectations, fear, wants and more. And this fuels up the conflict further. As a result, the situation gets worse and both the partners find it hard to deal with.

Furthermore, there are also the cases when one partner feels distressed in his/her relationship and the other is just clueless about the problem. In such a case, the partner that is not happy may feel the need of attending a couples therapy workshop but the other partner who is happy will not be willing for that. And the common answer from the latter one will be- “You can go for the counseling if you think you need it; why should I go?”.

However, the point to notice here is no doubt that a single partner is facing the issues but the another partner has his/her contribution to that. Knowingly or unknowingly, he triggers the conflicts with his behavior. So, it does not matter that if one or both of the partners are facing issues, both need to go for the relationship therapy. They need to understand that how their patterns can lead to distress or satisfaction in their relationship and having this understanding is possible only through the therapy.

When you should think about seeking the therapy?

There are a number of signs that will let you know that it’s the time to seek therapy and we are mentioning those signs.

  • Emotional disconnection is the biggest sign that you need couples therapy. In such a case, you may try to keep yourself busy with other tasks to avoid this feeling.

  • You are trying to fix the issues but feel stuck because what you try does not work or it works opposite to the desired way.

  • Either you argue much on the topic and get diverted from the main issues you were started at or you withdraw from the conversation when your partner yell at you and the vice-versa.

  • The thoughts of separation come to your mind and you think you could live happier with someone else.

  • You fear, hesitate or due to any other reason, resist from expressing your true feelings. And this results in having untold feelings that lead you to depression.

Moreover, even the couples who have great communication fail to fix the conflicts. They try to resolve them, but in anger say something that hurts their partner and this, fuels up the conflict.

But the good thing is that you can get your relationship back on the track and to the stage where both of you would feel deeply connected to each other. And, this would be possible by attending a couples therapy workshop or by seeking relationship therapy from an experienced therapist.


How To Check If a Therapist Is Right For You?

Even after knowing that issues are a common part of every relationship, we get frustrated when we find our self unable to resolve them. These issues are good when we can resolve them by working together with our partner as then they work to strengthen our relationship. But, they become the reason of separation when we leave them unresolved for longer. And it is the reason that the cases of separation and divorce are increasing everywhere.


As these issues are common among the couples, most of the couples, nowadays, like to meet a therapist of couples in Rockville and get them resolved before they can become the reason of their separation. Those couples, who want to prevent the problems and frustration in their relationship, seek this therapy. If you are also fed up with the conflicts or have just started your loving relationship and want to keep the conflicts at bay then seeking such a therapy would be a good option for you.

However, as the demand is increasing, a number of therapists are delivering their therapies in the Rockville. You cannot hire the one you meet first; instead, you need to ensure that you are seeking the therapy from an experienced and reliable therapist. To make the hiring process easy for you, here we are mentioning some tips that will let you know whether the therapist is right for you or not.

  • First of all, check whether the therapist is licensed or not. He/she must have completed the study and research that a therapist needs to do for becoming a professional.

  • Secondly, check his experience; more is the experience, better will be the results. Experience lets a therapist know the right solution for a particular kind of issue.

  • However, it is not enough to check the overall experience; you need to check the specialization of the therapist i.e. whether he is best at resolving family issues, parenting issues, couples issues or any other.

  • Always interview the therapist face to face and ask for his therapy strategy. A short meeting will let you know whether you would be comfortable while seeking therapy from him or not. And undoubtedly, that matters a lot.

  • Though cost is no bar when you would be working on the most important relationship of your life, but still you need to ensure you are not wasting your hard earned money. So, interview a few of the therapists and get an idea of the reasonable fee for the therapy.

Moreover, almost every therapist dealing in the couples therapy organizes a workshop for couples. You can attend a therapist’s workshop before seeking individual therapy from him as it will let you have an idea about his services.

Relationship Issues And The Assured Way To Resolve Them

Though all the relationships are important in person’s life but the relation with life-partner is the most auspicious one. Marriage is the relation that connects two people for the entire life; whether it is happiness, grief, joy or any other feeling, once two people get married, they need to experience it collectively. The bond of marriage creates a unique type of attachment between them that they feel connected to each other.


However, at the same time, marriage brings changes in their lives that the couples find hard to incorporate in their life. As both of them belong to different families, have grown up in the different environments, have different beliefs and expectations, view life from different aspects, they need to change themselves a little so that they can have a better connection between them. But, changes are not easy to make, especially when you need to bring them in your behavior.

So, what happens as a result of these behavioral differences, conflicts start arising between them once the couple moves out of the exciting period of their relationship. These conflicts cause misunderstandings between them and instead of thinking about the matter from a common perspective, they view it from their personal point of view, which worsen the situation more. Though there is a belief that conflicts and fights make the relationship stronger but it is true only in the case when the issues are resolved on time and both the partners are happy with the final decision. The things go wrong unexpectedly if the problems are not handled with patience and on time.

Therefore, whenever you notice a change in your relationship (like you don’t find it interesting to converse with your partner, you feel the lack of attachment, experience emptiness in your relationship, don’t spend time with each other, always keep on doing arguments or any such thing that is not good for your relationship), you must seek a therapist’s help to find a solution. Although it is best to solve the matter yourself but if you feel that you have not left any stone unturned to better the situation then you should not shy to discuss your issue with a professional therapist. Here are different ways you can seek his help:

  • The experienced and reputed therapists organize workshops for couples where couples can address their problems and find a relevant solution, you can join such a workshop to find the best ways for repairing your relationship.

  • You can visit a therapist as an individual couple so that your issues can be focused separately and better solutions can be found.

  • However, if the conflicts between you are not serious and have just started then attending a relationship workshop would be a better idea. Such a workshop will let you know the positive patterns of your relationship that you can work on for overcoming the negative ones.

There are some effective ways for repairing your relationship that you will get to know from an experienced therapist only. You just need to make your mind for reviving your relationship and should keep patience, the results will come as desired.

Interested In Couples Therapy? Here Is Some Valuable Information

Couples therapy, as the name depicts, is a therapy for those who want to improve their relationship by resolving the daily life issues. It is a solution for the couples who are going through the tough times in their relationship. Such a therapy lets the couples add the spark of love and enjoyment to their relationship which otherwise would have become lifeless.


The starting years of the married life are too good and exciting but once that excitement is over, couples start realizing the reality and finding faults/weaknesses in each other. They start getting involved in the blame game and this habit leads to conflicts between them. No doubt that the conflicts are an important part of every relationship and make the relationship stronger than before but it is true only in the case when they are resolved on time. If these issues go unresolved for a specific period of time, then they get worse and impact the relationship negatively.

Why most of the couples delay seeking the therapy is because they get confused that whether they should go for it or not. They just hesitate to involve a third person in their personal issues and thus, result in worsening the condition of their relationship. Another thing that lets the couples delay the therapy is they don’t know when they should go for the therapy. They wait until their relationship reaches to the point of breaking and then visit a therapist.

Keeping in mind both these cases, we would like to tell you that there is nothing wrong in seeking the help of therapists. They are the professionals and it is their daily work to deal with such issues. There is nothing odd in seeking their help. And talking about the right time, it is not necessary to seek a therapist’s help only when you are facing issues in your married life, but you can also seek the therapy before the things start getting bad. It will let you avoid the maximum conflicts in your relationship and enhance your bonding more.

Furthermore, there are many therapists for couples in Rockville that you can easily locate a one near you. But, it is not always good to the seek the therapy from the therapist whom you meet first. Always visit and consult with 4-5 therapists, know their services and inspect that who among those would be able to provide you the required services. No doubt cost is no bar when you are working to improve the most valuable relationship of your life, but still, you are required to ensure that the money you are paying for the therapy is reasonable to the services you will get.

As couple therapy would help you revive your relationship and add charm to it, find an experienced therapist and seek his services to get the best experience from your relationship.

Some Signs You Should Go For Couples Therapy

Highs and lows are a part of every relationship; it does not mean that you need a therapist in such situations. You can work on it with some patience and wait for the getting the equilibrium restored. Many a time, problems are effectively resolved this way. But, there also come the situations when any effort, made by you, does not work and waiting no more remains an option. If you have been waiting for far long, but are not experiencing any difference in your relationship then it may be the time to meet a therapist and undergo couples therapy.

Young couple

Here we are mentioning some signs that you should meet a couple therapists.

  • If all your arguments end at the same topic

    Imagine you have started talking on a topic; but after some time, you unknowingly say something hurting to your partner. And after that, you end up doing arguments at the same script. It becomes a situation in which one blames and the other defends. So, in the case you have same argument time and again, then it is the time to meet a therapist. He will uncover the main causes behind it and will break the deadlock.

  • You prefer silence over discussion

    If both of you experience the serious fractures in your relationship but are not saying anything to one another then there is the need of professional help. Silence never heals the wounds; instead, it makes them more painful and leads to dissatisfaction and discouragement. A therapist will bring that encouragement back and will teach you the right ways of avoiding silence.

  • You don’t feel special about your partner

    If you don’t feel any change by the presence or absence of your partner, then you need to take it seriously and should consult a couples therapist. If nothing has happened between you, but still there is the feeling of incompleteness then you need to make commitments and spend time together. It is only the therapist that can let you come two steps back and walk together again.

  • None of the solutions are working

    No doubt that relationships go through hard times, but if none of your solutions work for the improvement of the relationship, you should prefer getting some help. In a couples therapy, you will not only get the fresh ideas from the therapist but will learn the different ways of listening to each other. It will improve understanding between you and will let you get connected from the core of your heart.

In addition to the mentioned signs, there are many other things for which you can seek the help of an experienced couples therapist. It would not only bring your closer but will also create a long-lasting effect on your relationship.

Fill The Gap And Get Closer To Your Partner By Hiring a Couples Therapist


Many couples in the Rockville are unhappy with their relationship and are at the edge of getting apart. The daily conflicts, lack of time, improper or no communication, and ego are the main factors that create a communication gap between them and thus, cause them to feel distracted and unsatisfied. Fed up with all these issues, they find separation the best solution. But a surprising thing is that most of these couples or a single partner in these couples urge to improve their relationship and live together.

Are you going through the same situation? Do you want to strengthen your relationship up to a point where both of you will be happy, satisfied and would feel deeply connected to each other? If yes, then you are recommended to take the help of a couples therapist. Experienced with such issues in his/her profession, a therapist will guide you right to bring the necessary changes in your behavior for the betterment of your relationship.

However, if you are thinking that where to find a therapist for couples in Rockville then let us tell you that there are many in the region and you can easily find them. But, in order to get the desired results you should hire a highly knowledgeable and experienced therapist. He/she should be willing to deliver you the best possible services and work on your relationship as his owns. As every relationship is different and the involved couple has different behavior, your therapist should be willing to tailor his services according to your unique relationship needs.

Though relationship therapy exercises and strategies differ from couple to couple, but the main focus of the therapy lies on the common issues like letting the couples know the main causes of conflicts, the changes they need to bring in themselves, the need of accepting each other, the importance of ignoring minor issues and significance of spending time together. There are many other things that a therapist for couples in Rockville will improve in your relationship.

A thing worth noticing is that the improvements that a therapist will bring in your behavior will not be there just for the time you undergo his therapies. As he will let you implement the strategies and change your behavior, the results will last longer. Thus, you will find more connected to your partner and will enjoy your relationship.

How To Enhance Bonding With Your Partner?

You must have heard from your friends and other dear ones about the problems they are facing in their married life, and you may also be facing those problems. It can be a single big event that is causing conflicts between you or it can be series of minor issues that is making you feel depressed, anxious and even hopeless. In such situations, you feel the lack of love, care, enjoyment and fun in your life which result in making your life a boring and stressful one.

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However, if you are facing all these issues then always remind yourself that these issues are a part of life and you need to deal with them. Instead of feeling stuck and hopeless due to such issues, you should understand the situation and deal with it positively. Once you learn and start resolving these issues, then you will experience a different kind of bonding between you and your partner. But, the question where all the people get stuck is “How”.

When it comes to resolving the issues then the things that matter most are trust, mutual understanding, acceptance and habit of listening. So, in order to learn resolving the issues, you are required to gain all these qualities. For an instance, when you will accept your guilt then there will be better understanding between you. And even if you don’t feel that you were wrong, you should listen to what your partner is saying. Rather than getting aggressive, you should talk to him calmly and patiently. It will avoid the issue from worsening.

Also, you need to understand that every person is different and has his own nature. So, you should not criticize him/her for his/her nature, physical features and more. Also, you should not force your partner to do the things he doesn’t like. And there is no doubt that you would also be expecting the same from your partner. Always remember that you will get it when you give it to your partner. Rather than expecting changes from your partner’s side, you should change yourself first.

Furthermore, a thing you need to keep in mind is that all these qualities are difficult to gain without someone’s assistance. So, you must consult with a couples therapist as he is the only person (other than you) who can help you revive your relationship. However, always ensure to get the services from an experienced therapist for couples in Rockville as he/she will let you get the better and everlasting results.

Is Your Relationship On The Brink Of Breaking? Here is a Suggestion For You..

Life is a journey and you must enjoy every step you take to complete this journey. Whether it is those silly mistakes of childhood, school or college education, the auspicious event of marriage, family bonding or the old age years, all need to be spent happily and satisfactorily. One thing that will help you make your sojourn on this planet worth and enjoyable is the relationship. Your relation with your parents, siblings, partner, children and other related people should be satisfactory as it will help you reduce the worries and tensions of your life.

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If asked about the most important relationship then undoubtedly, the answer will be the relationship with the life partner. And it really is. Marriage is such an event that will bring the biggest change in the way you live, feel, experience and react. Actually, marriage is the beginning of new life where you will have new people and you will plan your own family. And to make your marriage successful and satisfactory, your relationship with your partner matters the most, both emotionally and physically.

But, it is sad to say that the bonding between married couples is not much strong nowadays. The couples decide to separate even because of the minor disputes between them. The thing that needs to be noticed is even separation does not make them happy and satisfied. So, it would be better if they try to settle the disputes between them rather than making the decision to get separated. The simple efforts will not only bring them close to each other but will also make their life more enjoyable and satisfactory.

Another reason that leads the couples to make the decision of getting separated is that they don’t know that what they should do for improving their relationship and bringing love back to their life. Here we would like to give a recommendation to all those couples who are interested in enhancing their bonding with their partner, bringing true love and excitement back to their relation, and enjoying their lovely relationship for the lifetime. This recommendation is to attend the “Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop” which is organized by relationship and marriage therapists.

Whether your relationship is at the edge of breaking or you just want to make it better, the couples workshop will help you realize your dreams. The various relationship exercises that you will undergo in this workshop will let you know the reasons for your declining relationship, the effective ways to avoid such things, know yourself better, use your positive vibes to improve your bonding, and know your partner’s desires, expectations and the way he/she feels more loved. All these things will collectively work for enhancing your attachment with your partner.

The Common Problems That A Couple Therapist Can Help You With

You must agree with the fact that problems arise in every marriage; regardless, it is a love, arrange or love-cum-arrange marriage. Once couples come out of the enjoyment period of their married life, they start encountering many problems which can be personal to them only or can be related with the in-laws. Over the time the disputes become much severe that their relationship ends with divorce, even when they wish to save it.

therapist for couples

However, if you are facing problems in your married life, feeling lack of love and emotional attachment or are going through any other situation that is affecting your relationship negatively, then consulting a marriage and couple therapist will be the right decision for you. No matter what is the reason behind your weakened relationship, an experienced therapist for couples in Rockville will find the roots of the problem and will bring positive changes in your life. Here are some common issues that will be effectively solved during a couple therapy.

  • Loss of love

    It is the common problem that is faced by most of the couples. When disputes arise between a couple, the first feeling that comes to your mind is your partner don’t love you anymore. Even you don’t get the feelings of love for your partner. But, when you will undergo couple therapy in such a case, then you will learn the ways to bring that spark of love and romance back to your life.

  • Problem expressing your feelings

    When disputes continue for a period, a communication gap start existing and it makes the couples unable to express their feelings of love. A couple and family therapist, after examining the roots of this communication gap, will help you incorporate new ways of communication. Thus, you will be able to express your feelings and know each other better.

  • Infidelity

    Undoubtedly, intimate life is good and satisfactory when there is a healthy emotional attachment between the partners. Otherwise, the problem of infidelity arises. A couple therapist will let you identify your own and your partner’s expectations and build a trust, which in turn will let you make transitions smoothly.

  • Depression and anxiety

    Depression not only affects the concerned person, but it also leaves a serious impact on his relationship with his partner. A therapist for couples in Rockville will let you deal with your depression and avoid it making negative impacts on your relationship.

In the case you are confused about undergoing couples therapy, then you can attend a workshop for couples where you will get an idea that how it will work to improve your bonding with your partner.