Common Married Life Conflicts And The Simple Ways To Resolve Them

Most of the people have a misconception that conflicts and fights don’t happen in the healthy relationship, but it’s not true. In reality, fights make the relationship stronger. Conflicts happen in every relationship but their impact depends on the factor that whether the conflicts are good or bad. A good conflict will strengthen the bonding with your partner while a bad one will worsen the situation. So, rather than getting panicked from the conflicts, try to convert them into positive conversations as it will bring you closer to your partner.


Conflicts in the married life do not occur due to the single reason, there are a number of concerns that give rise to conflicts between you and your partner. These concerns include sex, money, parenting issues, family and work. When it comes to any of these issues then there should be a clear understanding between you and your partner that what both of you want. Rather than forcing your decision on your partner or being forced to admit what he/she wants, both of you should discuss the matter to take a right decision. For an instance, both of you should collectively decide that when and how many children you would have, how you will educate them and more. A little more care is required when the children are from another relationship.

Though there is no way to prevent the daily life conflicts but there are some strategies by which you can resolve these conflicts without letting them make any negative effect on your relationship. We are mentioning those strategies below:

  • Whenever an issue arises between you, talk eye to eye and try to find out the reason rather than proving yourself right.

  • Everyone makes mistakes, so accept it if you have made the one.

  • Saying sorry can make a big difference.

  • Spend a quality time with one another. Rather than sitting together when you are free, arrange the time to be with one another.

  • Appreciate one another for good things.

  • Don’t expect your partner to be perfect; mistakes are made by everyone.

  • Don’t snoop in your partner’s past life.

  • Don’t let others control your marriage.

Moreover, there are many other such little things that can help you improve your relationship. But, if you find it hard then you can take the help from a Rockville therapist. His therapies will not only let you know the primary cause of the conflicts but will also help you learn the ways to implement those strategies effectively. What’s more good about taking help from a therapist is the results will last for longer.


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