Marriage and Couple Therapy to Improve Your Relationship

You must agree with the fact that marriages don’t last longer nowadays, which is leading to a hike in the number of divorce cases. While thinking over the issue, you will find many reasons responsible for it, but the most common reason is that the couples are becoming over possessive and want their expectations to be met in every case. Secondly, people are getting busier in the fast paced life and they don’t get time to improve or maintain their lovely relations. Both these reasons give a rise to the communication gap between the couples as a result of which their relations become worse with the time. But, thanks to couples therapy, which aims at clearing the confusion between the partners and bringing their relation again to a healthier state.

family therapy

Divorce is a big decision which affects the relation greatly. Though it can be good for some, but in most of the cases, it acts as a big failure for the couples. They go for divorce being unaware of its future effects. But, if you are going through the same situation, then we would like to tell you that you don’t need to end up your relationship without making an effort to get it back on the track. And this effort can be made by going for marriage and couples therapy.

What happens in most of the cases is that people find it hard to forget an issue that has hurt them much. As a result, even a minor mistake made by their partners, reminds them of that issue and the situation gets worse. This creates a communication gap between them. And this is the time when a marriage counselor can help them resolve the issues. Actually, in couple therapy, the counselor will try to resolve your issues by giving same priority to both. Neither of you will be forced to do reflective listening or for mirror backing what your partner has said. The therapist would listen to both sides and will work to get the emotions out of the talk. This will lead him/her to find the roots of the problem.

Though the marriage therapy session is different for all the couples, but there are mainly three steps which are followed in the process.

  • In the first step, the therapist helps you to recognize the negative patterns of your relation and the ways they are affecting your relationship.
  • In the next step, the therapist helps you to change your thinking about the underlying issues and to learn making adjustments.

  • In the third step, the therapist helps you know that how your partner feel more loved and what can bring you closer to him/her.

As marriage and couple therapy can save your relationship, you must go for it in the case you are facing any issue in your married life.